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ModERN is pleased to announce the Beta release of the Cataviz application, developed for the project by Frédéric Glorieux.

Cataviz visualises 5.5 million BnF catalogue records, comprised of:

  • the retrospective catalogue of printed works up to 1969
  • French national bibliography – Books from 1970 to 2020

Legal deposit of printed works was introduced in France in 1537 by François I. As a result, the catalog of the Bibliothèque nationale de France theoretically records everything published in France since that time. As the royal librarians were not always equally organised and scrupulous, this source of book history sometimes needs to be supplemented for earlier periods, but from the Ancien Régime onwards, and especially during the Revolution, the BnF Catalogue provides an unrivalled overview of French publishing activity.

From a few titles a year during the Renaissance to several tens of thousands today, the order of magnitude has varied greatly over the centuries, which is why some views use a logarithmic scale to better observe the numbers in trend.

Link to Cataviz